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Man Stunned After Wife Surprised Him With $10,000 Worth Of Cash Hidden In Money Cake For His Birthday

A man was thrown into a state of shock after his wife surprised him with a $10,000 as gift for his birthday.

His wife hid the dollar notes in the middle of a birthday cake that she specially baked for him and after he blew out the lit candles, he pulled out a long thread of dollar notes.

In an Instagram post, the birthday celebrant, Pastor Papin Don expressed profound gratitude to his wife by writing:

He wrote;

33 Laps Around The Sun ☀️ I’m ever more blessed. This has been the hardest year of my life . Today Marks 1 month since the passing of my youngest brotha. My wife @therealperlav Gifted me with $10,000 to purchase a pendant in memory of my brother @radtherockstar 😢🥺. I can’t explain how much this woman means to me and all that she does. Everyone is use to me preaching about spending money on women and rarely do I preach bout women spending back.

Well Kings Here’s an example of what your queen should be doing in return for you . Who you pick as your partner is totally your choice . This woman has left me crying like a baby this morning watching this. She did this in front of my mother, father & my brothers girlfriend 😢🥺. I love you so much Perla, words can’t describe what you mean to me. Not only did you jus push out a baby 3 weeks ago, you some how managed to pull off the greatest gift I EVER GOT from anyone 😦😬. If your queen doesn’t spend thousands on you in return then King she isn’t your queen . Happy Birthday to me

Watch the video below;


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