I was unwell before my sacking -Ex power minister Saleh Mamman


Former Minister of Power, Saleh Mamman, says that he had been unwell before the announcement of his sacking.

The ex-minister spoke against the backdrop of a rumour that he fainted when he heard that he had been removed from office.

Mamman, alongside the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sabo Nanono, were relieved of their ministerial appointments last Tuesday in an exercise that the Presidency said was a continuous one.

Mamman spoke during an interview with BBC Hausa on Friday, noting that he had also not been on hospital admission, as rumoured, despite his illness.

“Even before this sack was announced, I was very unwell because I didn’t even go to the office earlier this week.

“So, on Wednesday and Thursday, I also went back to the hospital for a check-up, and the doctor told me I needed a break; so, I remained at one place to rest.

“I found a serene and quiet environment to rest and take medication as recommended by the doctor.

“I didn’t stay at home because sympathisers were trooping to console me; this would prevent me from resting and convalescing on time.

“But I was also not hospitalised, and I did not faint as reported.”

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