I Buried A Pregnant Woman Alive In His House Before He Won In 2016 – Spiritualist Reveals Deep Secret


Per the magnitude of the deadly secrets that were revealed by one Mr Felix Afrifa a former powerful ritualist who confirmed had done a lot of human sacrifices for big men including top politicians, dealing with the rate of human killing and kidnapping as a country will be a herculean task.

Speaking today live on Onua TV’s Onua maakye morning show hosted by the controversial captain smart, the firmer ritualist who claimed was affectionately known as De Ghosty revealed that before the police can track down these murderers in the country, there must put in over 200% effort.

He stated emphatically that majority of top politicians in Ghana themselves are behind the issues of human killings since they require the body parts in rituals to enable them win elections.

According to him two major rituals done by these politicians are done in the month of December since that is the months they might had carried out their previous sacrifices and for that matter the spirits may demand fresh blood to refresh their covenants.

He stated one body parts that are sought after to be used as sacrifices for these politicians is the human right thumb since spiritually it represents power and authority.

He further revealed just last five years prior to the 2016 general elections, a very popular member of Parliament tasked him to carry out a very powerful ritual sacrifice for him that could enable him retain his parliamentary seat. And sadly the spirits demanded for a live pregnant woman to be killed and true be told he found every means to kill one pregnant woman which made him victorious in that elections.

“He is a very famous MP who had been in the Parliament house on 4 different occasions.

After seeing things was shaky for him prior to the 2016 elections he came to my shrine for help and what was to he done to make him win was to sacrifice a pregnant woman.

7 days to the election day he called me he had got a pregnant woman for the sacrifice so I had to go to his house at midnight to burt the pregnant woman alive in his own compound at east legon before he was able to win the election. He is still an MP currently at the Parliament house”, he revealed.

After exposing this secret, the host captain smart was quick enough to warn him not to mention the particular political party that MP belongs to, because that could made it easy for him to be identified.

At the look of things, who should be blamed for these frequent killings in the country? Is it the ritualists, those payed to kill or the politicians who are behind the killings?

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