Kemi Olunloyo disclosed in a recent post on her Instagram page, her son’s father, Babatunde Ogunade lied to their son in his favor that discouraged their son from seeing him, meanwhile, Babatunde rejected him when she was pregnant and had to navigate her own way to give birth and raise the boy as a single mother.

In her words;


The source of my ongoing anxiety. My oldest son’s father has never reached out to me before going to reunite with him in America. Enitan says his father Mr Babs Ogunade VP Nigerian Basketball Federation told him I kept him away when in fact we were abandoned, denied and owed $102,000 (N51M) child support from Feb 1987-2005. My son says he thought his father was DEAD before he was born and was told by Mr Ogunade that I prevented him from knowing his father. Meanwhile I suffered raising a violent autistic child who has now left that spectrum and is high functioning but still can’t process many facts of life.
May God forgive you Babatunde. You destroyed my life. I never had a life between 22yo and 45yo. No parties, clubs, vacations etc what young people do in University. I was raising a baby lecturers held while I was taking exams. Other students babysat for me, sometimes I took the child on his carrier to class and still managed to get a first class degree. So much pain you put me through. Your mother who stood by you throughout is watching me vindicated now. You fathered a child with me and called me a one night stand but never knew tomorrow. Now you turned my son against me.

Thank you. You now have each other.