Boma confronted Angel and accused her telling other housemates about what happened between him and Tega thus making him an ‘kiss and tell’ person.

Their conversation that started gently escalated into a clash of insults and Boma told Angel the BBNaija platform will be her biggest experience ever in her life and described her a mental health patient.

Angel also clapped back at Boma saying that at his age 34 he is still contending with a 21-year old girl at BBNaija.

We were all chilling and he came at me, telling me that I told Liquo that he’s a kiss and tell. Tell me when? When did I say that?” she questioned angrily.

One can conclude that this heated altercation can largely be attributed to the sexual incident between Tega and Boma where Boma started telling other housemates all the sexual stuff he has done with Tega while disrespecting her to others.

Check out a few reactions to their clash below;

Useless old man 🌝😡😡😡. I dislike bullies. Imagine calling Angel a mental health patient 🤮. This is why some people that open up when they’re going through something.


She’s not your age mate yet you cuddled with her for days.. Oga I send u greetings from the user driver who will bring you to the hotel on Sunday