Emmanuel Adebayor has come to the aid of his friend, Funny Face after he was involved in an accident on Accra to Kumasi highway.

According to Funny Face, he was distracted by an Articulator truck on the Kumasi to Accra highway on his way to see his family in Kumasi.

He explained that he tried to maneuver his way around the Articulator truck which nearly ended his life as he thought he was dead when the car flew in the air before landing on the grounds again.

Emmanuel Adebayor decided to help his friend, Funny Face as he gifted him a new Jeep Truck.

He wrote: ✊🏾🔥 “ GYE NYAME “ ✊🏾🔥 .. DON’ T mess with one of JEHOVAH’s son .. HIS COMEBACK will always be bigger Dan when HE started. !! @e_adebayor @e_adebayor .. you have done it again ooo .Saaaawwwwww 😭😭☝️☝️👍 obooooiiiiiiiiii .. ✊🏾😭😩🙏🏾☝️ Higher we go bro .. From da ashes we will rise again .. now is time to give dem Rashes !! 😭😭😩😩❤️ Baaarrrrrssssssnma Nigga @kwadwosheldon !! FOR LIFE IS FOR LIfE ✊🏾👍✊🏾

See reactions:

ervidense_paragon: Funny Face is even funny after all this trauma 😂 Respect the Living Legend 👑🙌🏾 I hope you find peace of mind soon Godfather 🌱

ghrevival: You bless of God kraaa, when I saw the accident said a silent prayer. New car coming!! We bless God the Life of the Giver @therealfunnyface

khonsty_49: Funny please move on and forget about whatsoever, God will eventually bless you with a final one❤️😍 that ass thing is nothing really special is just the way some of you guys poetry it in your minds and it’s not working for you so just cancel it from your head to accept what is really meant for you and I believe God will bless you with your everlasting 🙏🏽 amen❤️🥰.

kingsley_reigns_: You will sail through bro .. I know you will come back strong … those who refuse to understand you are the ones who has seen nothing in this life .. we love you and we praying for you !!!