A distraught woman her dragged her husband to court pleading to the judge to annul their marriage over claims of se.xual dissatisfaction.

The woman told the court that her husband takes good care of her and provide for her needs but she he is unable to give her the pleasure she wants in bed.

According to womab, her husband’s male reproductive organ is too small and to handle her and make good use of her middle. Explaining her predicament in a show, on radio, her former partners did not have such d!ck.

Her reason for wanting an end of their marriage is because she does want to be propelled to cheat on him in their marriage as the tendency of exploring and having extra marital affair is imminent

Watch the video below;

In other news, relationship and se.x coach, Blessing Okoro has finally revealed what caused the collapse of her previous marriage.

Blessing Okoro took to her Instagram page and disclosed that previous marriage damaged because her ex-husband wanted to replace communication with se.x.

According to her, each time they had a misunderstanding, he come only comes to sleep with her so that she does not speak about it and then he will repeat the same wrongdoings over and over again.

Blessing Okoro emphasized on the fact that communication is so underrated in relationship and marriage and it cannot be replaced with se.x. Social media user concurred with her remarks and some said they can totally relate to it although they are not married.