What most people are surprised about is the fact that Tega is a married woman and knacking on national TV is something that a married woman should not do.

Well, after the incident, Boma went to tell his friend, Pere that indeed they knacked adding that Tega’s honeypot was smelling like a fish fin.

Pere who also couldn’t keep quiet told Queen and this became the subject of discussion when Queen was having a conversation with her fellow housemates.

Watch the video below;


The video attracted some reactions from social media users. Check out some of these reactions below;

@makioba – Omg..you people should jusy stop….it was a game and most of the things they were saying were lies just to work on each others emotions… why are you people like this with Boma? This is just unfair to your fellow human.

@Tyrant_Richie – That Pere is actually not different from Boma. Both are kiss and tell

@GeneralPerexBBN – Hmmm this boma self