Bobrisky has been bragging about being wealthy and now has decided to show us how rich she is with the celebration of her 30th birthday and a sneak peek at the venue and decorations alongside her birthday cake is just amazing.

It’s as if Bobrisky is getting married because mostly it’s the highly influential people that decorate their wedding reception so lavishly as she did for the celebration of her 30th birthday and It’s going to be the talk of the town.

Bobrisky also shared a video of his birthday cake that looks like a church build and it’s just lovely to watch and this time around there wouldn’t be any doubt of making her birthday the talk of the town as she has been bragging about weeks ago.

This year, Bobrisky decided not to bombard us with birthday photos but kill us with his lavish decorations and gigantic birthday cake and we guess the party is going to be lit as the decorations and cake alone have got people talking.

Bobrisky claimed his 30th birthday is going to be filled with rich people only and looking at the decorations and all that is going on now, it’s going to be indeed filled with rich people and no one would spray lesser notes on him while dancing as the venue speaks volumes.

Video below;