Mavin Record boss Don Jazzy has disclosed that helping people and putting smiles on their faces is like an orgasm to him and that is why he isn’t tired of helping others grow.

A fan in a tweet hailed Don Jazzy for his humanitarian activities saying he will push all his artists under his record label, still have time to produce songs, help post music of other artists who come to him, alongside help some comedians with their skits and never forgets to bless his fans on Instagram and Twitter.

Don Jazzy reacting to that disclosed that he does all that without feeling tired or complaining because making people happy or putting smiles on the face of others no matter how small it is like an orgasm for him and he feels good whenever he helps others.

According to him, it’s easy to do what he’s doing if other people’s growth or success gives you joy hence even if it’s just the smile on your face when you realize he has followed you back or liked your tweet or replied to your message it makes him happy and gives him orgasm.

It’s not easy to do what Don Jazzy has been doing in the Nigerian entertainment industry as he tries his best to help almost everyone that comes to him for support and as for those he takes under his wings, he takes very good care of them and he’s always appreciated for that.

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