A Nigerian man has recounted how he unintentionally slept with the sister of his wife who is a twin.

The man whose identity was not revealed at the time of filing this report revealed that he was in the middle of the action knacking his wife’s twin sister when he realized the trouble he has gotten himself into but his in-law did not resist him or tell him what was going on.

According to him, he is very upset with himself but what disturbs him the most about this is the fact that his sister-in-law wants them to do it again and again.

Read below:

“Something terrible just happened and it has left me confused and in between the devil and the deep blue sea.

“My wife has a very closely look-alike twin sister and I do realize this difference and try my best to differentiate them with some signs and indications though her twin doesn’t live with us, she comes once in a while.

“Something happened of recent, I came in from work few weeks ago and I came in a bit late at night due to Lagos traffic. My wife never told me her twin was coming around and so as usual I used my spare key to open the door as I do atimes. As I walked pass the parlor, I saw a figure (like my wife) on the chair looking romantically dressed though asleep.

“How would I have known it wasn’t my wife when they both look so much alike and that day my wife did not tell me her twin was coming. I gently dropped my bag on the chair and pounced on her on the chair that night. I was carried away with the emotions so I did not quickly notice, my mind did not even go to the fact that there is a twin.

“I enjoyed the moment until about half way, I looked a bit closely and said “wait, Kenny is this you”… My wife was Taiwo. I jumped off from her but we had already done up to 15 minutes already. I told her why didn’t she stop me and where is my wife. She said my wife went for evening service and will be back soon.

“She could not say exactly why she allowed me penetrate her but I was really sad and disappointed in the whole scenario. She actually begged me not to tell her sister but how exactly do I live with this guilt.

“Infact, the real Issue now is that we now look at ourselves in a very sensual way and the way it is going, I and Kenny may do it over and over and over again. This is scary and I feel even telling my wife may not take away the desire from me.”