An anonymous young man has taken to social media to share his dilemma of how he risks losing her girlfriend.

The man revealed that his girlfriend told him to use his parents for money rituals just because he cannot provide for her needs and he is scared of losing her because she has threatened to dump him if he does not take her advice.

The man’s commentary has generated hilarious reactions from social media users and they have advised him to use his girlfriend instead.

See screenshot below;

See some comments below;

She said you better add ritual to the plans, bro just use her. She has given the consents already 😂😂😂😂


Why she no go do the ritual herself make she get her own money? My sister use ur own parents do ritual naa, nothing better pass your own money ooo ode 😂😂😂😂


SMH… the woman you’ve got in your life has a great role to play in your success, so choose them wisely !!!


I know most people pressure their partners to providing their needs but This right here is a lie, cooked up narrative.


Why you all surprise, have you all forgotten that women are the reason men wanna get rich so fast???. If your don’t believe this, why do men succeed fast after breakup?


The rate at which girls chase after rich boys is alarming! If them use that same energy take work hard for themselves.. you’ll be shocked at how you’ll be cashing out! AVOID BROKE GIRLS WITH EXPENSIVE TASTE

angel caily