‘I am your forefathers mother’, Actress Laide Bakare blows hot, attacks bestie Kemi Afolabi

laide bakere x kemi afolabi

Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare has attacked her colleague and bestfriend, Kemi Afolabi on her Instagram page for calling her dirty names after Laide bragged she is responsible for her fame.

The two actresses have one of the strongest bond in the movie industry as they always like putting on same outfits, going to parties and taking pictures together. Infact, you can take them for a twin at a first glance as they have a sort of resemblance.

Recently, it seems they have unsettled issues against themselves which have not been fully uncovered, or they might be trying to pull a stunt on their fans who are already worried about their disagreement.

In the early hours of today, Kemi Afolabi ranted on Instagram about her twinnie turned enemy as she described her as being delusional, crazy and an attention seeker for saying she became a star because of her.

Kemi Afolabi wrote:

Fine girl kemo💋 delusional low self esteem attention seeker say na she give me stardom werey Alaso😂

Ta lo ni Twinnie isonu! Yinmu🤣😆

Se Kemi ALAGBARA wa kere ni?

Laide, who is ready to unleash a battle has blasted her bestie while sharing a video of herself dancing and caring less about her words.

As a confrontation, she replied she is too big for her display of trouble, stating she is her forefathers mother and would not stoop so low no matter what she says or do.

Sharing a video, she captioned:

TGIF 😂💃💃wey dem?🙄 Dem no reach

No matter what hatters say or do. Can never ever reach ME, Abi o Fe Te ni ?🤣😂🥲😁😄 #laidebakare is your forefather MOTHER, I’m too Big for some kin nonsense, miss wereyy. Who be your Twinee?? Alaye baje 🙄🙄 You wey be like Man!!!!😡


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