The celebrity midget fell down with a thud, although his challenge was never close to the mountain of crates others use that we see in the compilation of videos circulating on social media.

The Milk Crate Challenge involves stacking milk crates in a pyramid of sorts so they form steps. When participants make a misstep or the physics of the situation just don’t hold out, they fall to the ground, usually on top of the toppled crates.

The celebrity midget apparently enjoys clinging onto buffoonery such as this to sustain his wobbly relevance. After displaying the sex toy which he described as his personal manhood, Shatta Bandle obscenely said any lady who wants to f*ck should link up.

Back in 2019 when Bandle’s fame was sprouting and spreading very fast on the internet, award-winning Ghanaian media personality Caroline Sampson took to her Twitter handle to reveal that she wants to know the size of Shatta Bandle’s manhood.

She indicated that she’s just curious to know how Bandle’s manhood weighs. “What’s his D1ck size Millzy, just curious?”, she tweeted.

Awayways, watch the video of Milk Crate Challenge below;