In Yelewata, Guma Local Govern ment Area, Benue state, gunmen suspected of being Fulani herders massacred eight people, including a wife and her four children.

The armed men attacked the village, a border town with Nasarawa State, at around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 24, when most of the youngsters were still at the market square because it was a market day, according to reports.

It was gathered that gunmen entered the village through a forest on the boundary of Benue and Nasarawa states and opened fire on the mother, her four children, including twins, and others.

According to Franc Fagah Utoo, late Akera’s wife gave birth to their children after two miscarriages.

“This is Peter Akera, the young man facing me bare chested. He is a friend and a brother, and more importantly, a very determined young Nigerian. Last night, Fulani Herdsmen invaded Yelewata, my village, a border town with Nasarawa State, and killed his wife and his entire four children. The wife was preparing supper for the little kids who were playing around,” he narrated.

“The murdered woman experienced birth difficulties. She had two miscarriages before God finally blessed her womb and she was able to birth 4 children, among whom was a set of twins

“Unfortunately, last night (Tuesday, 24 August, 2021) armed Herdsmen sneaked into her compound shortly after dusk, around 7:30 PM and shot and butchered her with the kids, while the husband was still in the market place. Three other people were also killed.”


Mr. Caleb Abah, Chairman of Guma Local Government Area, acknowledged the incident and stated that it was unexpected.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) August 24, at about 7:45pm we received an information that unknown gunmen invaded Yelewata community and attacked the first compound or house that is nearest to the forest. When they opened fire, the police men posted to Yelewata area responded immediately and were able to repel them,” she stated.


DSP Catherine Anene, a spokeswoman for the command, confirmed the incident but claimed the police had a record of six dead and two injuries.

“But before then, they had shot the persons they met in the first house where they came out from. The police were able to repel them, they came back and conveyed the six persons to the hospital

“Six persons were shot and almost dead at that point, but they were confirmed dead on arrival at the hospital while two persons are currently receiving treatment as at this morning.

“We want to assure the Yelewata community that we will continue to support them just like we did yesterday, if not for the police officers on ground it would have been worse than this

“The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Akingbola Olatunji was there this morning to console them and to look out for better deployment that we can make to cover up any of the loopholes or any place they came out from to attack

“The area is porous because it is a boundary community between Nasarawa and Benue state state with a lot of forest area but we will continue to do our best to secure the area.” the PPRO added.