The mother of one made this known in a recent submission she had with her fellow housemate, Maria adding that she wants to have a child immediately after the wedding.

She was having a chit-chat with Maria about relationships and marriage when she made these comments.

When asked by Maria her reason for wanting to get pregnant on her wedding day, she indicated that she wants to hit the ground running suggesting that she would like to give birth early in order to enjoy herself.

In a recent submission, Jackie B has turned down her fellow housemate, Whitemoney’s proposal to be her fiancee down.

This comes after Whitemoney confessed his feelings to her and this happening during the Jacuzzi party on Friday night.

During the party, Whitemoney expressed how he feels about Jackie B saying;

“If we are on the same page, Jackie B is going to be my girlfriend.”

In her reaction, Jackie B said;

“I had no idea of his feelings towards me before now. I didn’t read meanings to his attitudes towards me, because I have friend-zoned him in my head. I have put him in the class of daughter and father relationship. It will be a bit difficult to change to start seeing him in a different all of a sudden.”