See Naija Vin Diesel – Reactions as LASTMA official hangs onto a truck moving at high speed while trying to arrest the driver (Video)

An official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA has been captured on tape in a daring action-film style dramatic scene.

In a video making rounds on social media, the officer could be seen hanging on firmly to the truck while the drive tried to shake him off.

The motorists that recorded the footage were heard asking if clinging to a moving truck is part of the traffic official’s job description.

This was said just before the LASTMA official eventually fell off the moving truck and was seen rolling on the floor.

Watch the video:


@iamchardan said; The driver have a good heart

@TosinFayanju; They take people with good heart for granted. Drive fast and match break. General hospital will treat him on Lagos state acct

@OlaminiyiB; This country has turned me into a monster, because, how the hell am I thinking the driver gave him a safe landing!?

@Tundenedu: See naija Vin diesel, this wan thinksay na film e dey

@oye_rapheal; The behaviour of many uniformed officers in Nigeria plus security officers are so shameful that sometimes they see themselves as gods over common citizens

@MMandu10; On Top 25k Salary?? Mumu Man..

@Eldino_09; We have getting to the point where every law enforcement agent is seen as an enemy of the people regardless of thier professionalism thanks to the bad eggs among them.

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