Ignatius Asabor, a self-taught Nigerian engineer has earn himself a job in the Northern European country after he works were recognized.

Asabor who manufactures agricultural drones was flown to Finland and offered immediate work by a foreign corporation that recognized and valued his abilities.

Ignatius, who builds custom drones out of locally sourced parts, was flown to Finland by the firm where he would also work.

Mr. Ari Saartenoja, the Managing Director of the Finland-based company, shared the news on Linkedin and stated his delight at having Asabor work for him.

Mr Ari shared a photo of Ignatius immediately after his arrival to Finland and wrote on LinkedIn: “Ignatius Asabor, young Nigerian drone talent has just arrived to Finland, Oulu. Ignatius will strengthen Radai’s survey team in future and bring more international expertise in the field. Welcome Ignatius Asabor to Radai Team.”


Ignatius also took to LinkedIn to share a photo taken at an airport in Finland upon his arrival and wrote: “Arrived in Oulu city.”


Below are more LinkedIn posts from Ignatius, liked by Ari Saartenoja.


See some reactions from Nigerians who chanced on the news;

lauraikeji wrote: Another talented person taken by a country that appreciate n nurtures talents

okeybakassi wrote; Nigeria government is not interested in drones yet. They are more interested in finding grazing land for “cows”

walteranga wrote; If he had manufactured a drone that can carry COWS 🐄 they would have employed him. Our government is looking for anything that can help the growth of NAMA they are not interested in human capital development

comment_cruise wrote; Enjoy your greatness boy we are all proud of you 👏🏾

detolacash wrote; Nigeria government will not concentrate on the good youths, it’s only chasing yahoo boys up and down