Shocking reports coming in suggest United States president Joe Biden yesterday sent the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William Burns to Afghanistan to secretly meet the Head of the Taliban to ask safe passage of American citizens left in the country.

Recall President Joe Biden pulled American forces out of Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago which resulted in the militia group taking over the presidential palace and the country as they are set to declare a new ‘Emirate Islamic State of Afghanistan’.

Many Americans have criticized the president for rushing to pull the forces out of the country without evacuating American citizens and some diplomats from the country.

Recall GhGossip made an article of how most Afghans stormed the Kabul International Airport in aid of catching a flight out of the country in every way possible after the Taliban announced a takeover from the democratic government.

Some American citizens were left behind during the military evacuation with the American government issuing a warning to its citizens in the country to stay away from visiting the Kabul International Airport due to the high risk in the area.

Well, in an attempt to move every American citizen from the country, President Biden sent William Burns as the CIA Director to secretly meet with the Head of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Barabar on measures to safely evacuate American citizens from the country.