A man was left in dismay after he found a strange ‘foreign’ material inside of a fresh can of tomato paste.

Over the years, many people across the world have been complaining or reporting on social media and on the various traditional media about finding some strange things in bottled or canned products on the market.

Recall some well-recognized world-class companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald have suffered great losses when it comes to customers finding strange or foreign materials in their finished products on the market.

McDonald a couple of years ago was forced to make an off-court settlement after a client sued the food company after he found a ‘human tooth’ in the food he ordered from the renowned food company.

Coca-Cola company too suffered the same fate after they were forced to pay a huge sum of money to a client who found a foreign material in one of their drinks he bought on the market.

Well, a social media user has hit micro-blogging site Twitter to reveal the strange material he found in a can of tomatoes he bought off the market.

According to the post, the user stated that stated a friend recommended this can of tomatoes for him to try whenever he’s cooking and upon the friend’s recommendations, decided to give it a shot by buying the brand when he went to the market.

He continued that when he opened the can and placed the tomato paste in his food, he found a strange material in the midst of the tomato paste which grabbed his attention.

He said after he complained to the manufacturing company, the company pleaded with him not to go public with the incident as they are willing to meet him and conduct investigations in relation to the material found in the paste.

See the post and photos of the material found in the paste below;

So I found something in a can of Tomatoe my friend asked me to try. I can completely thrown off my cooking. The company has swiftly contacted me and have decided to come for the strange looking material to investigate . I don’t want to mess up anyone’s business but guys