The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC has reacted to the claims of BBNaija’s Dorathy

calling her a liar saying 9 fraudsters were arrested at her place.

Dorathy this morning called out the EFCC for breaking into her house early in the morning when they were chasing after some fraudsters in the area and threatening her security officer with a gun claiming they are doing their job.

The EFCC reacting to that released a statement calling Dorathy a liar and fabricating lies to suit the internet as they had a search warrant for the said apartment but her sister was delaying them hence they had to ignore her and use for as early as possible.

According to the EFCC, Dorathy wasn’t home at such an hour and it’s never true that she was half-naked when they barged into the house where they arrested 9 internet fraudsters at the time they went to the house.

The EFCC said Dorathy‘s apartment was part of the apartments in the blog hence they had no option to search it but none of what they were accused of by Dorathy is true because they made sure to go through the necessary procedure.

It is now the word of the EFCC against the word of Dorathy but one thing is that the team that went into Dorathy‘s house for the search might not tell exactly what they did before arresting 9 fraudsters there in the first place.

screenshot below;