Songstress Simi has advised women to hype themselves as she frowns at how they are tagged whenever they hype themselves as most men do.

Simi shared a post on her InstaStory encouraging women to hype themselves just as most men do and forget the fact that they are tagged not humble just because they are lifting themselves up and not allowing their guard down.

According to Simi, when a man hypes himself up they call him chairman, bossman, or king but when a woman hypes herself up just as most men do then she would be tagged as not humble or cocky which isn’t right.

Simi then advised and encouraged women to hype themselves up because no one will do that for them and that doesn’t make them not humble or cocky as they are mostly referred to but just a way of being themselves.

The fact that a woman hypes herself doesn’t mean she’s not humble but there are some women who are naturally not humble and brag or hype themselves just to look down on others or tease others who aren’t in her league.

It’s good to hype yourself as Simi said in other to feel encouraged to do more later but then when you add pride to it, that is where people see you as cocky and not humble because your hype is full of pride and selfishness.

screenshot below;