Veteran actress, Georgina Onuoha has opened up about her close brush with breast cancer after she suspected some signs of the disease in her breast.

Georgina explained that she had been experiencing pains in her boobs for the past six months and she decided to have a mammogram and ultrasound breast screening but the results came out negative for breast cancer.

She wrote: Breast Cancer screening.
Officially a senior citizen.
Hello ladies, have you done your breast cancer ♋ screening?
For well over six months, I am was having severe pains in my left breast, and my OBGYN, after several exams, referred me for a mammogram and ultrasound for breast screening.
Trust me. I’ve lived in fear for months.
I have evaluated and prepared my mind for the worst news and how I was going to cope.
Well, thanks are God, I’m cleared and good. Even though they found some mass and other stuff, it’s nothing to worry about.
So return in 6 months.
Ladies, if you feel something, say something and go check out yourself.