Nigerian media personality, Destiny Amaka has taken to social media to reveal the requirement a man interested in her should meet before she will accept his marriage proposal.

Destiny Amaka said that a man who intends to propose to her must ensure it takes place in a setting where they can have se.x there at the spot as from the emotions, the crying and surprises she will want her inside of her because she wants passionate se.x.

She also urged the admirer to make sure the toilets are close and must remind her to wear a dress that day. Her post generated mixed and funny reactions from social media users.

See her post below;

See reactions below;

I swear! So necessary 😂😂😂imagine the emotions and all together!! ewehhh 😂


Hmmm 🧐… If you’re keeping yourself till marriage please come and join my group chat 🙂🌚💯😎


Some things are better left unsaid, personally I love the idea sha but i won’t say it🤷🏿‍♂️


It’s a nice idea after all . I know we all have our sexual fantasies and this one hits harder


Aunty don’t worry, the information is well received. Somebody go propose to you just to nack you for toilet. After then, him go move on, since you feel such info is for public consumption


You just misled young innocent girls looking up to you 👏👏👏You should be so proud of yourself. When you become a mum remember to teach your children this also😢