The relationship between Jackie B and Michael appears to be on the verge of collapsing, as the former has accused the latter of being arrogant while maintaining that she does not want to be tied to him.

The mother of one revealed this to Yousef during a conversation in which she claimed that her friendship with Michael appeared to be on the verge of erupting into contempt and that in order to avoid this, she has decided to separate herself from him.

She also stated that Michael almost talks everything with Angel, which she finds intolerable.

Michael also pushed Jackie B in the chest twice, according to Jackie B.

In other news, Boma, a housemate of the “Shine Ya Eye” Big Brother Naija has disclosed that Angel told him she happily snatches boyfriends of others females.

In a conversation with the boys in the house, Boma revealed some doings and antics of Angel. He told the boys that Angel is the kind of girl who doesn’t go easy on the guy she wants and will do everything she can to get him even if he is in a relationship.

“See nothing for my life go make me take Angel seriously for this house, you go fry,” Boma told fellow male housemates during the conversation.

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