Yahoo Boy Runs Mad After Alighting From His Benz (Video)

A young man suspected to be an Internet fraudster has reportedly ran mad after alighting from his luxury car.

A video of the incident showed the man undressing completely in the middle of a busy road.

The young man who seemed to have lost his senses could be heard calling himself a member of a popular confraternity cult group, Aye, as he displayed full-blown insanity on the road.

In the video, the young man reportedly ran out of his car, took of his trousers and pant and started running around, while screaming some unrelated words.

Although no detail was given for his misdemeanor, but it may be due to the intake of hard drugs as prevalent among youngsters.

A voice in the background could be heard narrating how he began the dramatic display after parking his car in the middle of the road.

Some other bystanders beckoned on the young man to move his vehicle from the road as he wanders off on foot.

Watch the video below:

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