Friends at a restaurant play a game with their ATM cards to decide who will pay for all of them (Video)

Whenever a group of friends hang out together and make merry with foods and drinks, the issue of who will pay often comes up at the end of the day.

Well, a video making rounds online shows some friends at a restaurant, eating and drinking and at some point it came time to pay.

So, they devised a game of chance with their ATM cards – which involved everyone submitting their cards.

One of the would hold the card and spread it out on his hand, and the waiter would be asked to pick one out of the bunch, whoever owns the one the attendant selects, would be the person to pay for the entire meal.

In the video, after this had been done, it turned out that the card belonged to of the girls, who didn’t appear to happy about it.

Watch the video:


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