When a member of the Kaduna Electricity Distribution team (KEDC), Yakubu Garkuwan Kumo, arrived at the home of a soldier to complete his responsibilities, he was thrashed by the sons of a retired soldier.

On Monday, August 16, 2021, Yakubu went to the area in Kaduna Metropolis for bill collection, according to a friend of the KEDC staff. When he arrived at the home of a retired soldier, he requested that the family pay their account, which they refused to do.

Yakubu then began ascending his ladder to cut them from the power supply, but the soldier’s sons grabbed him and beat him with their hands and a club, pulling him down from the ladder.


Here are some reactions gathered from Nigerians;

femmyobaf wrote: When will electricity companies get to the stage where they don’t have to go to house to house carrying ladder to disconnect bill defaulters. It is an archaic and primitive way that exposes their staff to harm. Why not digitalize their operations

sympathy533 wrote: No one is at fault here, if u check am well government no pay im papa well to pay nepa bill, light no even dey and Nepa staff too dey feel like say them be the government….make everybody dey their dey abeg

heart2heartwithloretta wrote; This is an assault 😳 🙄 if he has problem with the company why attack a staff doing his job. I know the light situation can be annoying but not for this