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‘Life is Not Fair, Why Should Men’s Manhood Rise And Fall But Women’s Chest Fall to The Ground Level’

If you never knew Shatta Michy has a big sense of humour, this video contained in this report might alter your perception of her forever.

The Ghanaian entrepreneur and former girlfriend of Dancehall/Reggae act Shatta Wale while impersonating a TikTok video, wondered why men’s penis rise and fall but once a woman’s breast falls, it’s permanent.

The inexplicable situation ultimately made her conclude that life is not fair and obviously bias towards women. She passed the joke while maintaining a very serious face, which even added another layer of humour to her presentation.

Recall that www.Ghgossip recently shared a report on Michy, whose real name is Diamond Michelle Gbagonah emitting shades of goals with her adorable son Majesty in a video sighted on Instagram.

Majesty was seen in the video warning her mother sternly to stop mocking and laughing at him because he did not find it funny at all.

He said this while lying on the bed and munching on some potato chips but we have no idea what Michy actually did that triggered the warning.

Michy did not appear in the video but her inaudible voice could be heard in the background as she laid on the bed with him.

Anyway, watch Michy ask her rhetorical question.


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