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‘Sometimes I Go To Bed With Tears And Wake Up With Tears’ – Nigerian Woman Writes As She Gives Birth To Twins After Waiting For Years

Emonema Thomas and Bridget Avwevuruo Omolori, a Nigerian couple, have given birth to twins after years of waiting.

Bridget commended her husband for standing up and fighting for her even after people flung stones at her and told him she had no womb when she took to Facebook on Friday, August 13 to announce the birth of their twins, a boy and a girl.

She wrote;

“They took the UMBRELLA out But Dey FORGOT God can still STOP the rain. Butterfly in my belle. Let me tell u a little about my story. But ist I want to say a big thank. You to my forever living God. Only him has done wat no man can do. Am GREAT-FULL LORD,” she wrote.

“You see dis name MR THOMAS OMOLORI where ever u see him help me thank him for standing by me all dis years…It takes only a true Man to stand & fight for his woman. And yes U are one of a dem. U might nt b dat perfect husband but heaven knws he has nev for ones giving up on me. Even whn Dey throw stones @ me & say all manner of words like we told u she is without a womb. He will alwys tell me I knw our time Will Cum. Sometimes I go to bed with tears and woke up with tears…but his strength kept me going.

2020 Shiloh we made up our mind & Attended Shiloh like we hv nev attended b4 in our life b4 hubby join a unit for the ist time after many years in living faith (winners)&told me I will serve him like nev b4…and one of our prayer point was for God to confirm me pregnant in the month of dec 2020 And bless us with TWINS a boy & a girl.

During Shiloh hv already made up my mind on a specific about to give for my Shiloh sacrifice but on the last night of Shiloh my mind was troubling me to clear up my business account as my Shiloh sacrifice …I kept resisting it…but to the glory of God I finally obeyed …that same month of dec 2020 I was confirmed pregnant after many years of waiting and today our result is here…He gave us wat we ask …truly serving God pays. You can proudly call me MAMA EJIME. Mum 2 a Blessed PRINCE &PRINCESS.


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