Young men are financially drained because of young women who want life standards of the internet – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian Twitter user has blamed young women for the lapses young hustling men suffer in terms of financial stability and money management.

The tweep with username Ijoba @baddest_cash, opined that men in their youthful years often get financially drained in a bid to please young women who want to live the type of lifestyle standards they see on the internet.

She tweeted; ”Young men are financially drained because of young women who want life standards of the internet.”

See the post:

Her assertion generated massive buzz on the microblogging platform as it went viral and elicited reactions from netizens.

Commenting, @wale__blue wrote; Wahala for the young men wey no get sense.

@Mikkyoko; Tell them ooooo… Imagine a girl left her boyfriend because he is a polytechnic student

@Xzeecool; Nigerian men made Nigerian girls to behave this way, remove money and most guys don’t know how to make a girl happy, that’s why they keep sticking to these girls because the money is all they can offer.
In other countries everyone dey answer him papa name in relationships.

@amazingwoman47; They should be with the women who won’t stress them. Simple!

@TobatheKing; The young men are drained coz they wanna be drained

@MsNenyeOkoye; Shebi na dem use their hand go toast those young women.

@Vincent56335578; Many guys go broke trying to prove they are not broke to women who are broke darling.❤✌

@the_dumebi_; Young men can always leave the young women na. Tired of these complaints, did they hold a gun to your head?

I do not support such women, nevertheless, stop complaining on twitter when you can just leave. Everyday, there’s always a tweet related to this. am I missing something?

@Missing_NG; Change the “young” to “foolish”. When you’re rich, most decent women wouldn’t ask you for anything so as not to be seen as “gold diggers”! If you are poor, they’ll constantly bill you cos it’s a smash and grab! Oponu go and invest in yourself!


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