”If I bill my boyfriend the way I bill my dad, he will run” – Lady tackles men who lament over constant billing from women

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to shutdown men who say that the billing they receive from women is too much.

According to the lady identified as @TheAdamuKarimu, she does not bill her boyfriend enough because, if she bills him as much as she does her dad, then he would no longer continue the relationship.

Her comment was in response to a tweep’s post, asking women if they can bill their father as much as they bill their boyfriend.

The user wrote; ”Can you bill your father the way you bill your boyfriend??”

Responding, @TheAdamuKarimu said; ”If I bill my boyfriend the way I bill my dad, trust me he will run.”

View the tweet below:

Netizens who had reservations about her post, stormed her comment section to share their thoughts.

@CEOways_; Are you entitled to your boyfriend money before? Is he not your father? Abeg bill him well! It is only those from poor background that boast about this most. Happy liability

@Kevwe_I; As much as everyone tries to claim their boyfriend will run, the main people causing problems are those that their parents can’t afford to give them the life they want ya dig? So y’all chill. Some boys are doing serious daddy duties

@filled_popcorn; Your father never paid your school fees? or housed you? or gave you money monthly? or bought extravagant things for you?

@T9_LFC; Going by the responses here, it means most of y’all are just olojukokoro

@Kbarbiie2; I swear boyfriend will run race and not come back

@Qwin_belle; Thing is I no even Dey bill boyfriend cos I’m always considerate especially when I know his financial status but you see my Pa?? I Dey bill am without fear so tey guy man say he Dey get HBP if he see my call Face with tears of joy if he screens my call, I’ll use another number to call him

@Thefavordddd; There was a time my dad said he was always scared to pick my calls like kilotunfe bai iwo omoyi…I Dey collect 1 assignment/project money like 4 times..he go don forget say he don pay for am bf..Omo That Man gaz chop life Insha Allah

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