Artiste sues Rihanna’s Fenty $10m for playing ‘wrong’ song at fashion show


Rihanna’s beauty company, Fenty, has been sued for $10m by an artiste who says a song considered offensive by the Muslim community was played at its fashion show last year.

The artist, who sought anonymity by filing the suit under the pseudonym Jane Doe, states that Fenty ignored the express instruction to not use a version of the song containing some chants of Islamic text at the show.

In court documents, as reported by many online media, it was revealed that Fenty had approached the artiste to use her song for its Savage X Fenty fashion show.

However, contrary to agreement, the version with Hadith was played at the event where skimpily clad models in lingerie strutted the runway, resulting in immediate backlash from the Muslim community.

Rihanna, in response to the public uproar, had tendered an apology to the Muslim community on her Instagram stories.

“I am incredibly disheartened by this. I do not play with any kind of disrespect towards God or any religion and therefore the use of this song in our project was completely irresponsible,” she said.

Despite the apologies, the artiste claimed in the suit, she had been receiving death threats over the song since the show was aired to millions of people.

In the suit, the artist is seeking damages to the tune of $10m “for the distress caused by the murder threats” she had been receiving, which has subsequently forced her into hiding.

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