Man shares story of husband and wife that work as danfo driver and conductor to cater for their kids

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share the interesting and unusual story a bus driver told him after boarding his bus in Lagos state.

According to the guy known as Lola Okunrin, he took a danfo bus heading to work in the morning and in the course of the trip, the driver revealed that his wife helps him coordinate the activities as his conductor.

The wife tags along with her husband and works as the conductor for their first trip, where she collects the fare from passengers.

So, on reaching Mile 12, she alights with the money collected and goes home to take care of the kids.

Lola shared; ”My Danfo driver this morning explained how his wife is always his conductor for his first trip every morning from Ikorodu.

She will collect all the money from passengers, alight once they get to Mile 12, go back home to cater for their children. Every Imam with his own kettle.”

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