‘If you want to live, You have to die first’, Williams Uchemba reveals

williams uchemba

Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba has taken to social media to reveal the reason why you have to die first before you live.

In a lengthy note, the comic actor said he realized life is vanity the day he died to all his ambitions and found his main purpose on earth.

According to him, his main purpose on earth is to finish the work that was sent to him by God who created the whole universe, since he owns nothing but has been provided with needs for a period of time.

He wrote:


The day I found my purpose on earth, was the day I died to all my ambitions, dreams ,goals and came to the realization that I don’t own anything, not even myself.

When I found life, light and purpose was when I realized that I am a servant who became an heir by the finished work of another man who paid for my sins. And by that, I became privileged to be an ambassador representing a being(God) who created the whole Universe which I consider the highest position I can ever attain on earth. I own nothing here, but I’ve been provided with any and everything I need for the period of time I’m here to help me finish the work I was sent to do, as long as I stay in course and stick to the plan of the one that sent me.

The instruction was not to get too attached or develop an ambition or self gratification that will take my attention away from the master’s plan just to acquire material things that won’t follow me back to the kingdom that sent me . We came here with nothing and we are required to return home the same way.

The assignment I was given requires me to always be connected to base to receive instructions on what next to do. One of the major if not only way to receive the memo is to seek the face of the one who sent me through prayer( and sometimes fasting) and also by reading the kingdom’s constitution (the word of God – The Bible). My entire life is dependent on these instructions so prayer is non negotiable for me.

What makes something work is always inside it.
– A Bentley is useless without the engine inside.
– A computer can do nothing without the configurations and components inside.

I can do nothing without the Holy Ghost.

Actor Williams Uchemba
Actor Williams Uchemba
Actor Williams Uchemba

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