Woman recounts shooting her shot and buying ticket for the man who ended up becoming her husband (Video)

A woman identified as Latha Jay has revealed how buying a ticket as a random act of kindness helped her meet the love of her life.

In a video which was originally shared on TikTok, the lady said she had gone to an art gallery in Florida and she met a man who looked cute to her.

According to Latha, she thought the ticket for entry into the gallery was $10 but after she realized it was $5, she decided to buy one for the guy who was behind her.

The salesperson commended her for the kind act, and she simply replied that the man would buy her dinner later.

After she handed him the ticket, the man revealed that he is a chef and offered to cook dinner for her.

Fast-forward to seven years later and they are happily married with two kids.

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