Actress Lynda Clems has called out her colleague Annie Idibia For Being an evil snake for a reason yet to know but it appears she has done something that Lynda Clems isn’t pleased with.

Lynda Clems posted talking about women supporting women but then called out Annie Idibia over something she might have done saying she’s a snake and an evil one at that because of whatever she did to her.

Lynda Clems went ahead to say that it’s safe to say that Nollywood is a good place for any criminal to retire and invest in and the saying women supporting women that they have been shouting isn’t so when reality sets in as most of them are evil.

For Lynda Clems to call Annie Idibia a snake and an evil on at that on social media shows whatever Annie did to her might have hurt her so much but unfortunately, she doesn’t want to talk about what exactly Annie Idibia did to deserves such insults.

On social media we know Annie Idibia to be a cool person but with what Lynda Clems is saying it appears she’s a different person outside social media and that is why she classifies her as a snake but that seems to be an insult that hurts a lot no matter who it’s said to.

Annie Idibia is yet to respond to whatever Lynda Clems has against her or clear any misunderstanding that she has which might have been the reason why she calls her a snake and an evil one at that which doesn’t speak good of any of them.

Screenshot below;