“My Real Name Is ATM” — Toyin Lawani Says As She Shares Photo On Instagram


Popular fashion designer and brand influencer, Toyin Lawani has just given a warning to her fans. In the announcement where she told many friends and fans that they should stop addressing her by the name, she bears on Instagram rather they should call her ATM which simply means Ajoke Toyin Muinat.



Toyin Lawani shared a conversation between her and a fan who didn’t know her real name, before sharing this. 

In her words, “So this happened last night and it couldn’t get me to stop and wonder. I realized a lot of people follow me every day, so I need to always enlighten them about who I am. Which of my followers don’t know my real name is ATM? And if you know it let’s hear the full meaning. Please note from now on nobody should call me Tiana anymore, my real birth given name is ATM everyone used to call me Atmfashionista before fashion goddess but now my daughter started complaining seriously, like Mum why does everyone call you Tiana don’t know your name even if the brand is Tiana”.

However, many people were surprised as a result of them not actually knowing that her name was ATM. As Toyin would say, they are all fake fans, while others proved that they knew her well by saying out the full meaning. A screenshot of the reactions is below.

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