Comic actress Warri Pikin has led her voice out slamming men who cover their bad attitude with the saying ‘men will always be men’ even though it’s making some women suffer.

Warri Pikin shared a video saying the phrase ‘men will always be men’ has made some women suffer all in the name of marriage because some of these men have chosen to cover their bad attitude with such a saying.

According to her, some men and boys have taken on some bad attitudes all in the name of boys will always be boys and have decided to change taking it into their marriage and making their wives suffer for their bad attitude.

Most men and boys do so many things that they aren’t supposed to do but because of that phrase, they brush it off making it seem as if it’s in the nature of all men to do that but that isn’t the case as not all men are like that.

Warri Pikin then appreciated men who do the right thing and do not cover up their bad attitude with the phrase ‘men will always be men’ but rather makes a good decision that will favor them and their family as a whole.

Men will always be men🙄
This Statement Don Kqango many Things for life
Some men really need to change🥺

SHOUTOUT to Every man who knows beta Na God go bless Una for us❤️🙌🏾
P.S Parents we get work O!

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