Crossdresser Bobrisky has once again bragged about how lit her 30th birthday party is going to be as she shows off the expensive drinks you would find in her parcel.

Ahead of her 30th birthday party which is 31st August, Bobrisky has shown off how she’s going to spoil all those who would be at the party outside Nigeria and the kinds of expensive campaigns they are going to drink on that day.

Bobrisky has branded the box in which the drinks would be put for her invitees and there are different kinds of wines in the box that every single person she invited will receive and it’s going to be lit as she has been saying.

According to her, her 30th birthday party is going to be a billionaire party and money would be flying because all the people flying from the UK, USA, and Ghana are rich and she’s also covering their feeding and 5-star hotel.

Adding that she wants to spoil all her guests who would be at the party as they will intern shower him with a bundle of money that the amount she would spend on the is going to be small compared to the amount of money she will receive from them.

Looking at how Bobrisky is preparing towards his 30th birthday, it’s going to be another show stopper party and definitely take over the net just as Obi Cubana took over the net for his mother’s lavish burial.

screenshot below;