Barcelona player to wear Lionel Messi’s No.10 jersey revealed

The next Barcelona player to wear the iconic No. 10 jersey left behind by former captain Lionel Messi has been revealed, according to Barca Universal.

Lionel Messi’s exit at Barcelona has left a massive void in the team from all possible angles.

A host of Barcelona supporters have called for the No. 10 jersey to be retired for its historical significance, but La Liga’s rules do not allow a single jersey number from 1-25 to be left vacant no matter legendary status of whoever had it.

Barca Universal reports that Pedri is in line to take over the club’s No. 10 shirt.

The club released their squad numbers on Friday, a day after the Catalan club announced the departure of their captain and between 1 and 20 jersey numbers, only two were missing.

Among the jersey numbers released, Pedri Gonzales, who previously wore 16 and Lionel Messi’s 10 were vacant.

Sergio Aguero or Memphis Depay were the other players expected to wear the No. Jersey but they were given 19 and 9 respectively and will do so at least until the end of the season.

And the newspaper reports that Pedri is now the only option to wear the number 10, as he is yet to have his number changed this campaign.

The club has no choice but to offer the no. 10 jersey to someone, and in this case, it might just be Pedri for the immediate and long term.

Pedri’s number No. 16 would then possibly be given to Eric Garcia, and the ’24’ to whoever may sign for Barcelona in the weeks to come.

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