In a new update Efia Odo shared on her Twitter platform, she disclosed that some big men offer between $5,000 to $10,000 to get into her pants but she flatly declines such juicy offers because, in her words, she doesn’t ‘sell p.ussy’,


Her comment comes on the heels of the hot exchange she had with actress Victoria Lebene over the ‘Fix the country’ brouhaha.

The Ghanaian socialite, actress and former Kwese TV presenter was forced to retaliate after Victora Lebene- whose career seems to be dead from afar, took a swipe at her for not helping the ‘Fix the country’ cause with her sense of fashion.

Recall that Efia Odo is one of the key and most vocal functionaries of the ‘Fix the country’ movement but she recently announced that she was taking the back seat after her revolutionary efforts in advancing the movement hit a snag.

Victoria Lebene had previously slammed Efia Odo on IG saying;

“Don’t say fix and not fix yourself! Change starts with us the youths. The old folks will leave, and when we hold the fort, we will account to everything we do!. COURSE- Means the Direction, Route, Way, the journey! read and research on things before your comment. THANKS!,”

Responding, Efia revealed that Vicky once tried to pimp her to a man for $2,000 but she declined.

This sparked reactions from her fans which prompted some of them to ask her if indeed hook girls get that amount. In response, Efia said sometimes they charge $5,000 And $10,000 for such adventures with men.