Popular Nollywood actor and movie producer Jim Iyke has disclosed how his acting career helped him and also the love he has for his career.

Nollywood actor and producer Jim has released a brand new movie titled “Bad Comment”. The excerpt of the movie has been trending on social media. According to him, the motive and inspiration behind his movie were to pass on a message to everyone who can relate. He said that he wanted some things that everybody can relate to.

“Again, I wanted to do this because I came to a certain point in my life when I begin to question where I was heading to in the next phase – I didn’t understand where I was heading… and no matter how gifted and how good you are at something, at some point you begin to question if this is the singular purpose you’ve been birthed for.”

“You begin to question if this is for you. And I asked myself that question. Is it the space – this art form that I would be identified with? Is this the legacy I will leave on the sands of time for the rest of my life? Is this what my children will remember me for? And truly at that time, the answers were all in the negative. So, I dusted what I went to school for; I brushed up my contacts and I asked myself again: As much as you love this, has this met all the financial needs, dependencies, and height that you hope to get to?”

“Again, the answer was in the negative. So I decided to take a bold step, I decided to move forward and I left the industry behind and went into mainstream business. We tried, we failed but we succeeded more than we failed and to God be the glory, a lot happened that stood us really well in life.”

“You see acting is my first love, my first child, my first million, my first failure, my first heartbreak but at the end of the day, this was practically the easiest thing that came to me. The easiest gift God has given me and I knew that I wanted to do something about it”.