To make things seem very real, he listed the prices of the things he bought, and to end his post, he advised Ghanaian men to marry the right women.

Sharing photos of the things he bought, he wrote;

“Adm pls approve this for me. Now the name of the game is evidence .a post was made if 20cds can prepar a delicious meal for a family of two people most of the women here were doubting me so I went to lapaz new market to get this for just 16cds .guys choose your wife wisely oo not all of the women know management. 😂😂”


Read some reactions from social media users below;

Sandra Tiwaa – First, wo wele no koraa apor), second, wo tomatoes no akyemfo yereba ay3 no🤣 kyer3 wo foodstuffs no koraa ny3 ak)n), wo p3p333 wate🤣🤣🤣🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Kwame Prosper – Eating this food can cause Covid-29. Use ur data money to prepare good food and eat wae.

Isabella Nartey – My dear are you sure about what you are saying?

Joseph Ntsiful – If this guy is ur brother in-law and u will see ur sister growing lean, if u ask ur sister what’s the problem she will defend her husband by say she is toning down meanwhile hungry and poor nutrition have made her so. Such a stingy man calls poverty economics. The funny thing is they will eat this food and fuck ur sister hard because no protein only carbohydrate, Who discovered Africa

Betty Tetteh-Rowe – I wonder why poor n stingy men hide behind management to spew rubbish o eat better food o not kwashiorkor food bia rich handsome guy’s will be like babe take this money n prepare banku n okro stew. They don’t count the money they jux bring it out but poor men with coins will talk saaa ahhhhh women we suffer

Lia B Love Djani – Even if the wele is smelling and the dry fish looks like its got worms in it and the okro doesn’t look spiritual and bla bla bla koraaa, the GHC 20 has been managed very well leaving some coins behind for drink and water la. Kudos my dear friend. You’ve buttressed your point with evidence koraaa.
Forgetti obiaaaa. Hehehe

Naa Angerley Bridgette Kwadey – And do you think these are enough for the preparation of okro stew? Put aside the cassava and corn dough

Benjamin Franklyn Hiagbe – If you paid for the Wele please go back for your money oo.
Wele wey dey look like afro moses sandals