Ahmed Musa spends N1.4 billion on mansions in Lekki

Ahmed Musa

Ahmed Musa, the captain of Nigeria’s Super Eagles, is not just a great kicker, but also a great real estate investor.
According to ScoreNigeria, Ahmed Musa just opened a terrace house development in Lekki.

The houses are valued at N1.4 billion, according to the publication.

The mini-estate was said to have 20 housing units.

He is selling the residences rather than renting them to make more money.

Ahmed Musa is 28 years old and will turn 30 in just a few years.

When a footballer turns 30, it’s usually not long before his or her playing days are ended.

However, it won’t be out of point to say Ahmed Musa is surely securing his financial security and planning for life outside football.

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