I’ve been dating foreign girls for almost 10 years and none has ever asked me for transport money

A Nigerian man has taken to microblogging platform, Twitter to drag Nigerian girls who always ask for money or transport fare before choosing to go meet a man.

According to the guy known on Twitter as @avogroovy he has been dating non-Nigerian girls almost a decade and throughout that time, none of them has ever asked him for any money for transport.

The man who resides in Thailand, then stated that Nigerian men deserve better, adding that he would continue to be an advocate for men realising that they need to be with better women.

@avogroovy said: ”I have been dating Non-Nigerian girls for almost a decade and not a single one has ever asked for Uber, Grab, Cabify fare or bank alert before they show up. Not a single one.

Nigerian men deserves better dating experience and I will keep advocating for that. Be free Kings.”

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