Nkechi Blessing in a video revealed that sleeping with men or opening your legs for men is also hard work because it’s as difficult as every other job here on earth but some people think it’s just easy as they see it.

According to Nkechi Blessing, if you think opening your legs is as easy as it seems then you should go and open your legs as well and see whether it’s not as equivalent to any other hard work we do each and every day.

Most of the female celebrities get accused of sleeping with men for some things they flaunt on social media but claim it’s because of their hard work and Nkechi Blessing in the video has defended them saying it’s indeed hard work.

The hard work we know as Africans has nothing to do with sleeping with a man as that is only viewed as a way of having fun or pleasure and for procreation but Nkechi Blessing has made us understand that it’s also hard work.

Nkechi Blessing and all who think sleeping with men for a living is also hard work need to explain to those of us who think otherwise very well because we seem not to understand or get how sleeping with a man could be hard work.

video below;