Nigerian guy and lady whose photos from the same primary school are legendary memes online, finally link up (Photos)

A Nigerian gentleman and lovely lady who are alumni of the same primary school have photos taken of them during a prize giving ceremony at the school, as legendary memes on the internet.

Some months ago, the gentleman shared his throwback from the event on his Twitter page and when it gathered momentum on the social networking app, the lady quoted his tweet with a throwback of hers sharing so much similarities.

Apparently, they attended the same primary school and the throwback photos were taken on the same day, in the same place — this made the tweets blow up even more with tweeps now making memes out of the photos.

The facial expression of the lady and the guy even though they had both won something is more of the reason why the photos blew up on the internet — with the guy having a gruntled face as he received his gift and the lady wearing a more charming smile whilst receiving hers.

Months later after their photos buzzed on social media, the pair finally linked up after so many years and the gentleman, with handle, @EvansTed101, shared lovely snaps from their meeting on his page.

The photos have since garnered tens of thousands of likes on Twitter with a lot of people delighted with the adorable reunion. See more photos below,

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