Lady falls in love with man who allowed her to sit on his lap at a wedding

A lady has gone down memory lane to the time she first met the man she now calls the love of her life.

Taking to Twitter, the woman known as Shirley revealed that they met four years ago at a wedding. She had apparently been standing at the occasion and her legs began to hurt, so he allowed her to sit on his lap, thereby easing her pain.

According to her, that singular act was what endeared her to him, and they have been together eve since.

Shirley with Twitter handle @shirleydor_ shared a photo of she and her beau with the caption;

”4 years ago today, I met this guy at a wedding and sat on his lap because my feet were hurting. And the rest is history”

she added; ”I’m going to tell this story every year because the manifestation of this relationship was ridiculous”

See her post:

Netizens took to her comment section to gush over the couple while wishing to one day be able to share their own love story.

@tayestylizer; Dress well to a wedding

Make sure the seats are not enough

Then seat in a strategic position and wait for a pretty woman to sit on my laps

-What else guys?

@Wealth1dd; Direct me to the right lap father

@Kizillion; Baba God, my laps are strong and fit.

@ofiael1; It can’t happen in Africa…. all this daughter of eve always feel entitled. To reply greetings na wahala for them

@isong_mfoniso; I’m a man

Can I sit on a lady’s lap too?

@Austeiin; Na wa oh…..shey no be to dey go wedding laidis looking for who to siddon on top my thin lap


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