Sensational Nigerian screen-actress, Angelina Idoko has recounted how she used feel ashamed of her name, Jerina, the name her parents gave her.

Angelina Idoko revealed that she was named after her grandmother who she described as an amazing woman but her parent did not know what the name ‘Jerina’ meant and because of that she also did not know the meaning of the name and so she adopted a name similar to it.

According to her, friends and people mocked her because she could explain what her name meant but after her research, she discovered her the original name Jerina means beautiful, merciful, and gorgeous and she revealed plans to dump Angelina and go back to her former name.

She said;

The story behind my Name is a very Long one but i’ll try & keep it short. My Parents Named me “Jerina” sweet name! But each time someone asked me the meaning i’d say I didn’t know as Google wasn’t very common at the time…
I asked my parents the meaning severally but they’d say they didn’t know, they only named me after my Grandmother who was such an Amazing person.”

“People would Laugh at me when i told them I didn’t know the meaning of my own name & It became so embarrassing for me. So, sometime around year 2005, i pleaded with my father to Let me change it to something simpler that everyone knew the meaning “Angelina” my Dad Agreed & he threw a little party to mark my new name.
Fast forward to when i heard about google, lo & behold, the Name Jerina has the sweetest meaning anyone could ever hope for. (Jerina means Beautiful, Merciful, Gorgeous).
My secondary school cert already carried my new name at the time so there was nothing I could do
I’ve been thinking about my Original name so much Lately.
Now I’m thinking of going to do a change of Name in court & add my original name Jerina to my Names.”